Susan Tancer Studios creates a line of hand-painted and crafted clutches, totes and weekenders that are one-of-a kind unique pieces of art - the go-to accessory if you want to stand out from the crowd of mass-production handbags. The designs are her own and all bags are hand-signed by Susan. They range from fun and funky to sophisticated and chic, so customers can select those that fit their outfit, personality or mood of the day. 

"Changing out an accessory can change your attitude. Changing your attitude can change your life"


Eco-friendly and crafted in sunny South Florida, Susan Tancer Studios' bags are sustainable and kind to the earth. Each is hand-cut from natural canvas, hand-painted in original bold and colorful designs, meticulously sewn (with a hidden magnetic closure), then sealed in various coats of Susan's own blend of sealants and stains to mimic the look, feel and textures of leather. Re-purpose vintage brooches & exotic buttons and found objects  further make each bag unique and truly one-of-a-kind.

"Being different means you're brave enough to be yourself"​​

Susan Tancer

Bag Lady, Art Maker & Founder



A messy studio is a happy studio. Susan says her studio is an organized mess but she can find any bottle of her 14 blue paints, 9 various sealants, hundreds of brushes, 11 patterns and 1000's of embellishments. Call to check out her organized chaos one day or stop by at one of her Wine Wednesday events. She's been mixing her paint for 15 years to find the perfect chemistry & consistency so each bag retains that perfect look and feel of leather.


Susan Tancer Studios proudly donates 10% to MD Anderson Cancer Center, the hospital that saved her life in 2004. Most of her bags have a hidden painted symbol for life (chai). 

"The more you thank life, the more life gives you to be thankful for"



Features & Awards

  • 2019 Handbag Spot at GraySpace Gallery in Santa Barbara, California for the EDGExpo Art Exhibit: Blurred Boundaries

  • Awarded first place in Best of Crafts at The Delray Affair

  • Chosen as the sole handbag designer for New York City’s Eco-Fashion Show with Project Runway designers

  • Featured in Una Volta Arts for American-made Fine Crafts

  • One of 50 finalists in Martha Stewart's national American Made competition

  • Member of Made in America Movement, a powerful influencer to more than a half million consumers. 

EDGExpo Art Exhibit: Blurred Boundaries, Fashion as Art


Exhibits and Shows

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